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Environmental Policy Statement


1. Introduction:

Lincs Inspire Limited recognises how important it is to protect and improve the environment in which we all live. The company understands its operations have a direct impact on the environment.

The policy has been introduced to reduce the impact and wherever possible enhance the environment through our operations.

Lincs Inspire Limited and its subsidiary Lincs Inspire Venues and Enterprises Limited is committed to continually review and improve its environmental performance through the following:

  • Ensure the efficient use of all utilities including energy and water.
  • Where practicable, seek alternative forms of green energy for our facilities.
  • Contribute to the conservation and protection of the natural environment.
  • Wherever practical, adopt low-polluting technologies, processes and practices.
  • Reduce waste to the lowest practicable minimum and promote recycling to customers, employees and contractors.
  • Work in accordance with the current Environmental Protection Act and any requirements set out by the Regulatory Authorities.
  • Actively encourage strong environmental practices and procedures from our suppliers and contractors.
  • Continue to offer agile working for staff who are not required to work onsite full time
  • Encourage staff and customers alike to seek more environmentally sound transport solutions when working at and/ or using our facilities.

Our successes to date include:

  • All electricity consumed at our facilities is generated from green renewable sources.
  • Introducing a company-wide Energy Management Plan to support the reduction of energy consumption at our facilities.
  • Working with our landlords to implement a series of energy saving measures (eg LED lighting/ solar panels/ upgrading boilers & Building Management System) across a number of our facilities.
  • Working with our waste management contractor to reduce waste entering landfill and demonstrating year on year recycling rate increases.
  • Introducing a Bike2Work Tax Free Cycle Scheme for employees to access.
  • Our ICT hardware supplier demonstrates a positive impact to the local environment during the delivery of its service.
  • Increasing the amount of digital process and procedures introduced in the company therefore reducing the reliance of paper-based systems.
  • Our company website is being transferred over to web servers powered by 100% renewable energy.
  • Green travel plans in place at our leisure sites.

Building on our recent success in environmentally sound operational plans and procedures, we are striving towards reducing further our carbon footprint and reaching our long-term target of net zero. To strengthen our focus, we have developed a new Environmental Action Plan which will play a key role in driving the sustainability and environmental efforts in our facilities.

2. Energy Policy:

2.1. Lincs Inspire Limited and its trading subsidiary is committed to the efficient and effective use of all energy used across the company. In partnership with its landlords/property owners, the company will always seek to use materials, products, processes and services that aim to reduce energy usage and waste.

2.2. The company therefore will ensure that:

  • All relevant facilities clearly display their energy ratings (DEC certification), setting out energy efficiency and consumption.
  • All buildings operate within nationally recognised temperatures and standards.
  • In partnership with property owners, and where economically viable to do so, introduce energy saving measures and utilise alternative renewable resources, for example the use of LED lighting, upgraded Building Management System controls processes, and where practical, the introduction of solar panels.
  • Work with partners/property owners to ensure future facilities investment incorporates the latest and most cost-effective solutions to reduce energy consumption.
  • Continuously review operations and activities, monitoring energy consumption and immediately highlighting any areas of risk relating to energy loss or excessive consumption.
  • As a high water user, ensure all current national pool operator policies and procedures are followed relating to the safe operation and disposal of chemically treated water.
  • As a provider of busy catering facilities also ensure food wastage is minimised, recyclable products are utilised, and that all catering by-products are disposed of in accordance with current legislative requirements.
  • Work with our key contractors and suppliers to ensure they have a high standard of environmental process and procedures engrained within their operations.
  • Regularly review and streamline digital files, in line with data retention guidelines, to reduce the carbon footprint of our servers.

3. Staff Commitment:

3.1. The company will ensure that all staff understand the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection, including any legislation/ technology updates. The company will encourage employee suggestions and recommendations for improvements. Staff will commit to the following:

  • Attend energy and environmental related training events.
  • Where relevant be fully trained in the handling of chemicals, including the use of PPE equipment and the safe management of spillage/leaks;
  • Conserve energy and do not leave electrical equipment on stand-by when it is safe and sensible to switch devices off;
  • Purchase products that are recognised to be environmentally friendly wherever possible.
  • At all times look to reduce waste, minimising usage of paper, encourage recycling, including raising customer awareness and offering sufficient access to recycling and disposal products.
  • Ensure all confidential documents are shredded or disposed of environmentally and all non-confidential paper is recycled.
  • Ensure high volumes of paper product (for example redundant library books) are disposed of in accordance with current guidelines and where practical to do so are recycled or reused for charitable purposes.
  • Ensure all waste is safely stored and removed by an approved contractor.
  • Encourage staff to seek more sustainable transport solutions, and for those staff who visit various company sites, to plan their travel and workload in an efficient and environmental conscious manner.
  • Business travel and subsistence policy includes an option for the use of a bicycle, following the HMRC recommended mileage payments, for those employees who are required to travel between sites for work purposes.
  • Maximise digital systems and technology to ensure a continuation in year-on-year reductions in print usage.
Hazardous Materials/Waste:

3.2. Service/Operational Managers will ensure that all hazardous waste is identified, safely secured and disposed of appropriately and via an approved contractor. All relevant reporting is the responsibility of the Performance and Contracts Manager. The company will ensure that:

  • Relevant COSHH and risk assessments are carried out and the use of hazardous substances is minimised;
  • Controls are in place for the safe disposal or storage of body fluids/blood/sharps (where relevant disposed of by specialist contractors);
  • All chemicals are regularly reviewed, safely stored and procured via accredited sources with clear guidelines for handling and disposal.

4. Summary:

4.1. Lincs Inspire is committed to protecting the environment and conserving energy and will encourage all its staff and customers to use resources carefully and with concern for the local environment, in which we live, work and play.

This policy document is issued by Lincs Inspire Limited

Policy Refresh Date: July 2023
Policy Review Date: July 2025

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