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Metabolic Conditions

Included within the umbrella term of Metabolic Conditions are Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid Disorders and Osteoporosis. Healthy lifestyle choices, including regular exercise, as well as keeping the mind active through reading and socialising are beneficial in helping to manage these conditions.

Low Impact Circuits

Two regular attendees of our Low Impact Circuits, Sandra Hoskins and Sandra Davies, both credit these cardio classes for helping them to lose weight. Furthermore, Sandra Davies no longer suffers with Type 2 Diabetes as a result of regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Active Forever

Our GP referral wellness programme supporting people to make the first steps to leading a more active lifestyle.

Activities can include gym, swimming and sessions in the Wellness Hub, as well as fitness classes, such as Wellness Yoga.

Book Collections

A selection of books targeted at people living with long term health conditions and their carers, including:

  • Reading Well for Long Term Health Conditions
  • Mood Boosting Books

Browse through our collection of books related to Health Conditions below


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