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Included within the umbrella term of Metabolic Conditions are Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid Disorders and Osteoporosis. Healthy lifestyle choices, including regular exercise, as well as keeping the mind active through reading and socialising are beneficial in helping to manage these conditions.

Active Forever

Our GP referral wellness programme supporting people to make the first steps to leading a more active lifestyle.

Activities can include gym, swimming and sessions in the Wellness Hub, as well as fitness classes, such as Wellness Yoga.

Book Collections

A selection of books targeted at people living with long term health conditions and their carers, including:

  • Reading Well for Long Term Health Conditions
  • Mood Boosting Books

Active Seniors

Light exercise sessions suited to people aged over 50 or people managing health conditions.

Sessions include walking netball, walking football, tai chi, zumba, beginners line dancing, seated chair exercises, new age kurling, over 50s badminton, crafts and a cuppa, chorus and a cuppa and sewing.

Home Library Service

Our Home Library Service offers free monthly home visits from volunteers, providing books in a range of formats to suit individual preferences. The service is ideal for housebound people and their carers who are unable to get to the library.

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Back Care Yoga

A speciality class that uses mats or chairs to perform simple yoga moves that will help to strengthen your back and reduce tension.

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