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Inspirational Member of the Month

Member of the Month rewards the achievements of leisure members across Lincs Inspire.

April sees a determined gym goer rewarded for his determination in building his strength and fitness at Grimsby’s Health & Wellbeing Centre.

Andrew Marriott had a stroke in February 2022. He had no movement in his legs or arms and was unable to talk.

Being isolated at home for over a year, in September 2023, he was able to use his newly adapted car to get out. Being an active person all his life and an army officer for 22 years, Andrew was keen to get back into doing some physical exercise and joined Lincs Inspire on our referral programme.

Andrew began attending our Wellness Hub in Grimsby Health and Wellbeing Centre and initially used the power-assisted exercise machines, which are incredibly beneficial for stroke patients.

Andrew admitted: “It was hopeless at first, but now I use the main gym alongside the power-assisted machines, and I also go to the circuit classes in the gym.

“I struggled to even walk one kilometre on the treadmill at first, but now I’m getting up to four kilometres, and the step machine is helping me to gain strength. Two weeks ago, I was using my walking aid, now I barely even use it.

“I need to get out of the house, it’s better for the mind. When I’m at home, it’s not good as you start to over-think. I really recommend this place, I’m 56 and encourage younger gents to see what it has to offer.”

Kieran Hough, fitness supervisor for Lincs Inspire, surprised an emotional Andrew with his Member of the Month award after a circuit class in the gym.

He said: “Andrew attends four times a week and travels from out of the borough to use our facilities. He’s made huge progress in such a short time. He initially needed a safety strap to grip the machines in the Wellness Hub, but now he’s using them without aid. They are ideal for stroke survivors as they help to strengthen the side of the body affected by the stroke.

“Andrew has really pushed himself and the fact that he’s using the gym and even attending classes, it’s a huge testament to his determination.

“The whole team had no hesitation in putting him forward for Member of the Month. He’s shown no end of perseverance and the progress he’s made is inspirational.”

Andrew’s goal is to be able to run, something he enjoyed before the stroke. He’s hoping to soon volunteer at Market Rasen’s park-run events and at Lincoln hospital.

Well done, Andrew. Keep going and we look forward to following your progress.

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