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Member of the Month

2024 sees the relaunch of Member of the Month, rewarding the achievements of leisure members across Lincs Inspire.

In January we recognise an inspiring member, Liz Chidley for the progress she has made in regaining her independence following a diagnosis of Sensory Motor Neuropathy in 2022.

Symptoms left Liz bedridden, losing strength, mobility and co-ordination and struggling with day-to-day activities. Despite this, she’s shown great determination and courage to retrain her brain and regain her strength.

Following rehabilitation at Goole Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, Liz was referred by her physio from Grimsby Hospital on to the Lincs Inspire 12-week Active Forever programme. Liz said:

“When I first visited the Wellness Hub I was relying on two walking sticks and was very nervous. I’d been in hospital for months and was readapting to everyday life at home. The staff were really welcoming and supportive.”

As I got more confident, I started to work the (power-assisted) machines a bit more, instead of them working me. The equipment helped strengthen my hips, core and legs, which meant I was able to walk a bit further and get down to using only one stick. Eventually, I was able to walk unaided!

Liz Chidley, Leisure Member

From Wellness Hub to Gym

After the programme, Liz was ready to take the next step into the gym. It was at this stage that she met Cleethorpes Leisure Centre Fitness Supervisor, Joss Varley. Liz :

“From day one, Joss has been wonderful! She’s created a tailored programme to my specific needs. I feel as though she’s been with me and invested in me throughout.”

Swimming with Mal

Liz is now combining weekly gym workouts with swimming, supporting her to reach her goals of regaining her independence and going swimming on holiday.

“For me, it’s not only the difficulty of getting into the pool but regaining your weight when you get out. It affects my legs because I need to rethink and rebalance. The pool-side lift at Grimsby pool really helped in reassuring me on my first swim.

“It’s the little things like knowing where I can park my mobility scooter, which reception are so reassuring about. As well as knowing I can pick up a one pound coin for the locker with my neuropathy symptoms.”

Liz has recently achieved the milestone of visiting the gym on her own, having previous attended with her husband Mal. She’s managed to navigate all the obstacles and now is feeling safe and confident on her own at the leisure centre. She’s able to walk unaided, cycle over six miles on the gym bikes and swim twenty lengths of the pool.

Liz is a great advert for how a ‘can do’ attitude can make anything possible. She’s a very worthy winner of our first Member of the Month and we’re lucky to have such an inspiring member!

Joss Varley, Fitness Supervisor

Liz: “I’d like to give a shout out to Goole Neuro Rehab Centre, especially Senior Physio Matthew Robinson and all the team, Joss at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre and of course my husband Mal and daughters Grace and Chloe.”

About Active Forever

Lincs Inspire’s Active Forever programme gently encourages people in later life to stay active and helps those with medical conditions to manage their symptoms, prepare for surgery or rehabilitate from surgery.

Depending on your medical condition, funded 12- week programmes are available thanks to Government funding and includes use of our Wellness Hub, swimming, gym and classes. Speak to your GP or healthcare professional to ask for a referral.

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