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More than a leisure centre

A new-found love of fitness has seen Georgina progress from power-assisted exercise to weekly aqua classes.

Georgina Cable, 79 years young and from Grimsby, joined our free healthy weight management course in January this year. The 12-week programme gave her the motivation to begin gentle exercise and she hasn’t looked back!

Georgina, explained: “The weight management course made me think a lot more about what I eat and how much. Normally I would snack, but now I’m much more aware of how food helps you to stay strong and healthy.”

After the course, Georgina applied for the Active Forever programme, a further 12-week course that encourages gentle exercise. Beginning in the Wellness Hub in the Health & Wellbeing Centre, Georgina joined hundreds of members using the power-assisted machines that promote fitness, strength, balance, flexibility and social wellbeing.

She added: “Sitting and doing nothing for someone of my age is easy. It’s the old adage – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it – mobility as well as mentally.

“I began by using the Wellness Hub’s seated exercise machines, and although it didn’t feel like I was doing much, I lost weight and progressed from the slower settings to the faster mode.

“I now enjoy the aqua aerobics classes in the pool. There’s a great bunch of ladies, the instructors are very motivating, and the social side is key – the need to stay mentally stimulated with friendly conversation.

“I truly believe that loneliness for older people can have a serious effect on their health. For anyone that is unsure, just come. It’s not just a place for the young, active and mobile. There are varying ages and sizes – it’s for everyone. You’ll be surprised how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I’ve been blown away – it’s so much more than a leisure centre!”

Georgina Cable

About Active Forever

All the activities and courses Georgina has enjoyed are part of Lincs Inspire’s Active Forever wellbeing programme.

The specialist scheme gently encourages people in later life to stay active and helps those with medical conditions to manage their symptoms, prepare for surgery or rehabilitate from surgery.

Depending on your medical condition, funded 12- week programmes are available due to Government funding.

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