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Neverends: Judith Tucker’s Fitties

A memorial, retrospective show of Judith Tucker’s paintings of The Humberston Fitties goes on display throughout May and June in Cleethorpes Library.

Judith was a talented artist and art scholar. She was tragically killed in a car accident on 13 November 2023. The exhibition will allow people to engage again with her work.

This exhibition showcases a unique selection of Judith’s work, from her earliest paintings of the site to the Night Fitties series, along with her most recent Hideaway archival paintings, together with works that highlight the natural environment.

The Fitties, one of the few remaining plotlands left in the U.K., lies just two a half miles from Cleethorpes, a ramshackle and individualistic collection of seaside chalets creating a unique community since between the wars.

Judith and her poet collaborator, Harriet Tarlo, discovered The Fitties when invited to work along the local coastline by Cleethorpes’ own Linda Ingham, curator and artist, over a decade ago.

Judith Tucker’s work based in North East Lincolnshire has been exhibited, admired, and studied internationally. She made a second home with her partner and poet, Harriet Tarlo here, and this show demonstrates her love of the Fitties

Linda Ingham, artist and friend

Over the years, they worked with the community, and other collaborators including photographer and artist, Annabel McCourt, and bird ecologist, Nicola Hemmings, to create exhibitions and bring workshops and drop-ins on the heritage, bird life and plant life of this unique seaside location to the Fitties.

Judith Tucker’s Fitties has been shown, locally, at the Cleethorpes Discovery Centre, Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre and 2021Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, and all over the U.K. in Swansea, Sheffield, Scarborough, Norwich, Middlesborough and numerous London venues.

Judith Tucker’s work has also been exhibited abroad including: Lyon, France Brno, Czech Republic, Minneapolis and Virginia, USA. Judith’s academic essays can be found in journals and in books published by Rodopi, Macmillan, Intellect and Gunter Narrverlag, Tubingen.

The exhibition is available to view in Cleethorpes Library’s Albert Room during library opening hours – however access is restricted at times when other events and meetings take place in this room. To check accessibility of the exhibition before you travel, please call (01472) 323650.

Cleethorpes Library is open: Monday to Thursday from 8:30am – 5:30pm and Saturdays from 9am – 1pm.

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