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Exercise is therapy

Lincs Inspire’s 12-week Active Forever programme supports physical and mental wellbeing.

A GP referral to Lincs Inspire is helping to ‘calm the mind’.

After witnessing a horrific suicide incident on a railway track in October 2023, Maxine was struggling to cope with everyday life. Her family urged her to seek help from her GP. A diagnosis of PTSD followed, but a thorough assessment and subsequent tests has indicated a potential problem with Maxine’s heart.

GP Referral

To help Maxine cope mentally with the PTSD, as well as supporting her to build her activity levels safely and gently, Maxine was referred to Lincs Inspire to begin a low-intensity exercise and wellbeing programme. The Active Forever scheme supports patients to manage their symptoms and can lead to lower medication, less pain, and an increased quality of life.

Under the referral scheme, Maxine began using the power-assisted exercise equipment in the Wellness Hub as part of the 12-week programme.

This has recently been extended thanks to a grant from the O’Flynn Foundation, a local charity that works in partnership with Lincs Inspire to support eligible members continue their wellbeing journey.

The grant has extended Maxine’s access to the leisure centre for at least a further 12 weeks and wonderful progress is being made.

Without the referral from the doctor I wouldn’t have thought about coming to the leisure centre.

This additional support from the O’Flynn Foundation means that I can continue to use the facilities, which are therapy for me. The recumbent machines are healing. They help to calm my mind. The quiet and dimly lit room destresses me, and the equipment is so relaxing I can almost fall asleep!

Maxine, Lincs Inspire member

Support from O'Flynn Foundation

The wellbeing team at the leisure centre has seen a positive difference in Maxine since she has been attending and Jayne, founder and Trustee of the O’Flynn Foundation, is also fully behind supporting Maxine.

Jayne said: “We are a local charity committed to putting people’s lives back on track. We support mental health and stroke patients, and helping to change someone’s life is hugely important to me.

“The foundation will help Maxine continue her wellbeing journey at Lincs Inspire, where lives are being changed through the schemes they offer.”

About Active Forever

Active Forever is a 12-week health referral programme supporting patients to manage their symptoms, recover or prepare for surgery.

Healthy Activities

We recommend two forms of activity per week, which includes swimming, use of the gym, low impact classes or the power-assisted exercise equipment.

Click on the link below, or speak to your GP or health professional for a referral.

Active Forever
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