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Spectacular Street Art and Skate Ramp

Facilities due to open on Friday, June 14th

SKATE ramps and boards for ‘street art’ are new to a Grimsby sports facility providing diversionary activities for young people within the Heneage Ward, Grimsby, and specifically the King George V Stadium area.

The facilities, funded through the Community Safety Fund provided by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, opens on Friday, June 14, from 4pm to 5:30pm, with young people welcome to try out some urban art and test their skills on the new ramps.

Facilities and activities are designed to provide an outlet for both physical and creative energies, alongside reducing the levels of anti-social behaviour currently experienced within the venue.

Custom built skateboard ramps designed to cater for both experienced and inexperienced skaters are aimed at reducing unauthorised use of surrounding raised areas and will be free to use during the venue’s opening times, requiring users to register at the venue or online.

Heavy duty panels have also been installed around the two 5-a-side courts to provide added security and protection from the elements. The panels provide a great opportunity to create a blank canvass ideal for ‘street art’, with artwork being designed by young people.

Local artist Lynsey Powles, well known for inspiring street art, and as the organiser of the annual “Reclaim” Cleethorpes Urban Arts Festival, brings her talents to this project, providing examples to inspire and encourage participation, supported by workshops aimed at honing skills and ensuring responsible use of these blank canvasses.

Ahead of the project’s launch, Euan Gloyn from Lincs Inspire, said: “We recognise that local youngsters are looking for things to do and we want to provide great experiences that can also be positive and beneficial to the venue and its other users.

“The initial street art emerging at the venue, is very eye-catching, Lyns, Hyro and Phil of HelloHipHop have done an incredible job, and this is just the start. Ultimately all these boards will be filled with colour and creativity. Lynsey aims to teach young people new skills and illustrate the diverse abundance of talented creative minds in the area.”

A Code of Conduct will also be in place and users will be required to follow this, especially if they want to keep testing their physical and creative skills.

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