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Active Forever is our health and wellness programme, helping you make positive lifestyle changes that can lead to lower medication, less pain and an increased quality of life.

Hear from our Members

The Active Forever programme is helping to change lives – as shown in this film featuring our members.

The specialist scheme leads to improved physical and mental wellbeing helping you to manage your symptoms, prepare for surgery or rehabilitate from surgery.

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About Active Forever

Our friendly and specialist staff will guide you through the 12-week wellness programme, where small changes can make a big difference.

Two activities are recommended per week and we work closely with you to ensure these are suited to your abilities and needs. Activities can include:

Please note not all activities are available at all sites.


Active Forever is available to all residents over the age of 18 who are living with a health condition, preparing for surgery, or undergoing rehabilitation.

Access on to the programme is via a referral from a health professional such as GP, practice nurse, health trainer or physiotherapist.

Speak directly to your health professional or express an interest by completing our form below. We will then send you further information that you can share with your health professional.​

We work closely with the O’Flynn Foundation who provide funds to support people to access Active Forever. More Information.

Active Forever – Register Interest

Further Information

Active Forever costs £60 for 24 sessions to cover the 12-week programme.

Complete our interest form for further information.

The programme covers a wide range of health conditions such as:

  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression, stress and anxiety
  • Osteoporosis
  • Neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cardiovascular conditions, such as Stroke and Hypertension

If you are unsure whether you qualify for Active Forever, please contact us using the interest form.

When managing a long-term health condition, being active can often help you to manage your symptoms more effectively. Furthermore, if you are awaiting surgery or treatment for a health condition, pre-habilitative activity can help to make a significant difference to the ability to cope with treatment and support a swifter recovery.

It can often be very difficult to find the right type of exercise, especially when you are managing pain and are not used to regular physical activity.

Active Forever provides access to the latest therapy equipment, low impact exercises, social activities, as well as support from experienced and specialist wellbeing practitioners.

After completing Active Forever, we encourage you to continue your healthier lifestyle with us. You have the option to sign up as a member at a concessionary rate of £27 per month.

You have a month to benefit from this reduced membership price; after this month has lapsed, standard membership rates apply.

Are you a health professional?

For anyone that is unsure, just come. It’s not just a place for the young, active and mobile. There are varying ages and sizes – it’s for everyone. You’ll be surprised how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I’ve been blown away – it’s so much more than a leisure centre!

Georgina Cable
Harry - Exercising For Mental Health

I initially started on a short six-week programme. But I enjoyed it that much that I’ve been doing it ever since! Once I started, I knew I was getting myself better and I kept it going.

Harry Patrick
Exercising for mental health
Michelle Mussell Wellness Hub

I remember being asked…‘what is your happy place?’, and I said, ‘the toning suite’ – as the Wellness Hub was then called.

Michelle Mussell
Harry - Exercising For Mental HealthMichelle Mussell Wellness Hub
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