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Wellness To Work

Wellness to Work promotes positive health and wellbeing within the workplace.

The scheme is similar to our Active Forever exercise referral programme, where individuals are referred via health professionals. However, Wellness to Work is financially supported by employers.

About the scheme

The employee has the confidence knowing that their employer is supporting their health and wellbeing, so being seen to do activities in a leisure setting is accepted and is agreed between both parties, ending the stigma around being active whilst being off work. This has social, physical and mental benefits to the employee, which in return will benefit both them and the employer.

It is hoped that the individual will return to work quicker following long-term illness, have fewer sick days across the year and/or have a better physical and mental wellbeing to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

The programme is for local businesses who have employees that may be:

  • Experiencing long term sickness;
  • Have a high sickness absence;
  • At risk of being off work due to ill health.

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