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Strike Policy

Our strike policy ensures all of our members have the opportunity to attend our classes.

How it works

We please ask that members who need to cancel their bookings with us do so no less than three hours before the class start time.

To ensure everyone has a the opportunity to attend our activities we run a strike policy. A strike is issued when you:

  1. Make a late cancellation within three hours of the session start time, making it harder for us to offer a vacant slot to other customers.
  2. Do not attend your activity.

Three incidents of non-attendance or late cancellation within a thirty day period will result in seven day ban on bookings. These strikes can be viewed in your online account (website only).

We understand that there will be occasions where a customer misses a booking and cannot contact us in advance. Please contact us if this is the case.

After swiping your card, your attendance is recorded for up to three hours. If you are attending back-to-back classes for instance, you will only be required to swipe once.

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