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Lincs Inspire run four gyms in Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Immingham offering the latest in cardio, strength and conditioning equipment.

About Our Gyms

Grimsby Pool

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We please ask that an induction is completed before use of our gyms.

Inductions last up to one hour and are included in the price of our monthly subscription memberships or £11.80 for pay as you go.

Our qualified instructors will teach you how to use the equipment safely and effectively, helping you to get the most out of your membership.

Inductions must be booked in advance by speaking with our fitness team or contacting the relevant gym.

Members are entitled to use any of our four gyms, although as facilities and equipment differ across sites, you may need a separate induction for each site.


Pay as you go

Gym Session

  • Adult – £7.90
  • Junior* – £4.50

*Juniors aged between 11 -15 years are able to use the main gyms at certain times.

Junior Times

Personal Training

Whether you are new to the gym or an experienced gym user, a Personal Trainer may be able to help you reach your fitness goals.

More info

Monthly Reviews

Customers on a membership also benefit from free monthly review sessions (30 minutes), where our fitness team will ensure you are still getting the most out of the gym and will help you re-focus or vary your programme.

Fitness reviews must be booked in advance by speaking to a member of the fitness team or calling the relevant site.


Gym Etiquette.

We please ask that all users of our gyms have had an induction at the given site prior to use. If you are unsure how to use a piece of equipment, please speak to a member of the fitness team for help and advice.

We please ask that customers follow the below rules when using our gyms. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Our fitness instructors may not be always available. If you require assistance, or in the event of an emergency, please contact Reception.
  • Please carry your membership card with you on each visit.
  • If you are a Pay as You Go member, please keep your receipt at hand as proof of payment.
  • Please wear appropriate fitness clothing and suitable clean footwear (no sliders, sandals or flip flops)
  • Please wipe down the equipment using paper towels provided after you have used it.
  • Please do not bring any additional equipment into any of the fitness areas.
  • We advise against mobile phone use in the fitness areas - any usage is at your own risk.
  • Please use the lockers provided for coats, bags, and any personal belongings. Lincs Inspire are not responsible for any valuables left in the gym.
  • If there are any issues with the equipment, please report them to a member of the fitness team.
  • If you have any injuries or health concerns caused whilst exercising at our gyms, please report them to a member of the fitness team.
  • Some of our fitness areas are age restricted - please ask a member of the fitness team for clarity.

We ask that our junior members follow the below rules when using our gyms during our unaccompanied sessions. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Junior gym users must collect a receipt for their session from reception when they arrive on site.
  • Session receipts must be handed to the fitness instructor, who will issue them a coloured wristband.
  • Bands must remain worn for the entire session.
  • When the session(s) have finished all juniors must leave the gym area. No juniors may stay beyond the designated times.
  • All juniors must have completed an induction in the site-specific gym prior to use.
  • Junior users may not use the free weights area.

Lincs Inspire is a charitable trust placing your health at the heart of our services.

Grimsby Pool

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Whether you want to relax and re-charge your batteries, re-energise, tone-up or simply spend some quality time with the family, there is something to suit all ages and interests.

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