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Read to Exercise the Mind

Embrace National Storytelling Week at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre and discover why reading is a great workout for a healthy mind.

During National Storytelling Week (27 Jan – 4 Feb) the wRECk room’s dedicated activity team is shining a light on the positive impact creative writing, storytelling, and reading can have on children’s overall wellbeing.

How to Get Involved

National Storytelling Week (27 Jan - 4 Feb)
  • Children are welcome to bring in their own books, comics, novels or creative writing throughout the week into the wRECk Room to share with others.
  • The wRECk room team will encourage members to write as part of National Storytelling Week.
  • There will be information from Lincs Inspire Libraries about how to join the library as well as how to access eBooks from Lincs Inspire’s eLibrary.

The wRECk room is a great space for young people with equipment and games to improve their overall fitness and wellbeing. During National Storytelling Week, we are highlighting the positive impact that reading can also have on our members’ health.

We are encouraging children to bring in their favourite books or comics to share with us and their peers. If children enjoy writing, they could also share their own stories, or maybe the wRECk room will inspire some new ideas or characters!

By promoting storytelling and creativity alongside our fitness offer this week, we hope to encourage the children to inspire one another with their reading interests and we’ll be encouraging members to give their brain a good workout through reading!

Carly Potterton, activity motivator

wRECk Room Opening Hours

Find out more about the wRECk room

Children's Health & Wellbeing Fayre

The wRECk Room opens its doors on Sunday, February 4th from 10:30am to 2:30pm for Cleethorpes Leisure Centre’s free Health and Wellbeing Fayre.

Children, families and carers are welcome to discover the benefits of the wRECK Room, along with a host of wider wellbeing support from Lincs Inspire and other local agencies.

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