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About Our Pools

Lincs Inspire manage three pools, which can be accessed as part of any of our leisure memberships or on a pay as you go basis.

Cleethorpes Leisure Centre

Cleethorpes Leisure Centre‘s free form swimming pool boasts a wave machine, aqua slide* and adjoining toddler/baby pool. The main pool is 25m with 6 lanes, enabling a varied pool programme. There is a beach/sloped entry into the pool.

*The aqua slide can be used independently by anyone over the height of 1.1 metres. Anyone under 1.1 metres is able to use the slide with an adult.

  • Adult, Junior and Senior – £5.30 (under 3s swim for free).
  • Family Swim – £15.60 (2 adults and 2 children up to the age of 16).

Customers who require assistance to aid them in the pool are able to bring their Personal Assistants (PAs) with them. PAs swim for free.

The pool holds weekly inflatable sessions and an aqua disco.

The sauna and steam room in the health suite provide an altogether relaxing experience after your exercise.

The jacuzzi is currently not in use, we thank you for your continued patience.

Grimsby Leisure Centre

Grimsby pool‘s 25-metre, county competition standard, 8-lane indoor swimming pool sits alongside a specialist learner pool, as well fantastic fully accessible changing facilities.

The shallow end of the main pool starts at 1 metre and goes up to 2 metres in depth. The learner pool is 90cm. View our pool programme.

  • Adult, Junior and Senior – £5.30 (under 3s swim for free).
  • Family Swim – £15.60 (2 adults and 2 children up to the age of 16).

Customers who require assistance to aid them in the pool are able to bring their Personal Assistants (PAs) with them. PAs swim for free.

The sauna and steam room provide an altogether relaxing experience after your exercise.

Immingham Swimming Pool

Immingham Pool is 25 metres long with five lanes and caters well for all members of the community. Our fantastic changing village is spacious, well-equipped and modelled with families in mind. View our pool programme.

  • Adult, Junior and Senior – £4.30 (under 3s swim for free).
  • Family Swim – £12.80 (2 adults and 2 children up to the age of 16).

Customers who require assistance to aid them in the pool are able to bring their Personal Assistants (PAs) with them. PAs swim for free.

We also a run a weekly disability swimming session.

Immingham Swimming Pool has a sauna for you to relax after a workout or swim.

Pool Timetables

All Lincs Inspire leisure memberships entitle you to swim at any of our three pools.

Bookings* are not required. Please expect queues at busy times. You can find out more about our pool prices and general information here.

Pool programming can be altered at any time.

*Aqua Disco – advanced bookings advised and available at site.

We require all customers to have a Lincs Inspire card when using our facilities. We please ask that those customers without cards sign-up for free online prior to visiting. Cards can be collected from reception on your first visit.

Pool Guidance

Our lifeguards are there to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time when swimming. We ask that you kindly follow the guidance set out below.

The following rules will be implemented by lifeguards:

  • No unsupervised children under the age of 8
  • No smoking, vaping or chewing gum
  • No running
  • No diving in prohibited areas
  • No jumping into shallow areas
  • No fighting, pushing or throwing bathers
  • No ducking
  • No bombing
  • No gymnastics or acrobatics
  • No petting
  • No underwater swimming or hyperventilation
  • No flippers
  • No face masks or snorkels
  • Do not wear thong style swimwear
  • No outdoor footwear
  • Hand paddles to be used in lanes only
  • Don’t leave the pool area or changing room in swimwear
  • Don’t leave bags on poolside
  • No food to be consumed in the pool hall, only drinks with sport caps permitted
  • No alcohol
  • Don’t swim if you have consumed food, alcoholic drink or if you have an upset stomach
  • Don’t bring any glass or breakable containers into the building
  • Don’t wear denim type shorts, cut downs or any sort of t-shirts for swimming or non-swimming attire
  • Don’t use foul or abusive language
  • Don’t hold onto the lane ropes (Unless in an emergency)
  • Don’t stand on floats
  • Don’t jump onto floats/rafts from poolside. (Separate rules may apply to inflatable sessions, see below)
  • Shaving is not permitted anywhere in the building
  • The use of wetsuits in the pool is not permitted during a public session, we do allow their use in our controlled sessions

This is not an exhaustive list and lifeguards may curtail other unsafe activities.

Inflatable in the shallow end of the pool – for children under the height of 130cm. All children under the age of 8 to be accompanied by an adult, 18 years or over, to a ratio of two children under the age of eight to one adult.

Inflatable in the deep end of the pool – customers must by confident in swimming a recognised 25 metres front stroke, and be over the age of eight.

The following guidance outlines recommendations for parents when using Lincs Inspire’s swimming pools and follows the Chartered Institute of Managing Sport and Physical Activity information and guidance document GN014.

Compliance with these rules is of paramount importance to ensure everyone can use the facilities safely. Please ask for a copy of the rules from the pool you wish to swim at so you can ensure you understand and comply with the operator’s requirements.

All children under the age of eight should always be accompanied in the water and changing rooms during public swimming sessions by a parent, to a maximum of two children to one adult. Such sessions are those that are open for public recreational swimming as opposed to those under the direct control or instruction of a group organiser or class teacher/coach where different rules may apply.

A parent is defined as someone over the age of eighteen or younger if the person is the biological parent of the child or children. The parent must be in the water with the children. They must maintain a constant watch over them and be in close contact with those of the children who are weak or non-swimmers. Parents who are supervising children must themselves determine that they have the required competencies to undertake this task.

Parents should be aware that operators, when looking at their own facilities and considering the guidance offered, will implement rules they feel best suits their individual circumstances. Parents would be advised, therefore, to make appropriate inquiries if the pool isn’t one they are familiar with.

The operator will consider a multitude of factors for setting ratios including the following:

3.1 The activity takes place in a designated safe area e.g. shallow pool, teaching pool, roped off shallow area of a standard pool etc.
3.2 Approved floatation devices are worn by weak and non-swimmers.
3.3 Any child not in an approved floatation device shall either be a babe in arms or who can demonstrate a standard of swimming ability in excess of the minimum set by the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 requirements and/or the ASA Learn to Swim Framework Phase 7 or equivalent.

Parents should also be aware that children over the age of eight, particularly those who cannot swim or are weak swimmers, may also require supervision of a similar level. Those responsible for the children must therefore consider the swimming abilities of all children and the appropriate supervision required, and heed the advice/instruction of the swimming pool staff.

Parents accompanying children to a pool should be able to take under eights into an ‘opposite sex’ changing room or alternative facilities should be provided. It is reasonable to assume that a child deemed too young to swim unaccompanied is also too young to look after him or herself in a changing room or to change unaccompanied.

Parents are advised to use only approved floatation devices compliant with BSN 13138 parts 1-3 – Buoyant Aids for Swimming Instruction as confirmed by the CEN mark.

Please shower before using the swimming pool as this removes any grease, dirt or other chemicals often contained within make-up, hair products and deodorants.

Wearing a swim hat will help to protect your hair and reduce water pollution.

Surfaces in the pool area are always wet, please take care and always walk.

Please do not swim if you have just eaten or drunk or if you have an upset stomach.

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