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Cycling Skills

Lincs Inspire’s Sports Development coaches teach both Balance and Bikeability in schools across North East Lincolnshire during term time. The team also run Learn to Ride courses, which take place during school holidays.


Balance is for ages three to five and aims to develop co-ordination using a balance bike to encourage children to progress into riding a pedal bike.

During term time coaches deliver the sessions in schools as part of a 6 week course that has proven to be effective in helping children to prepare for taking part in Bikeability training in Year 5.

All equipment is provided, including balance bikes and helmets. Each six week course is for a maximum of 16 children.

The course can be delivered either indoors or outdoors for one hour per week. This can be as Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time or as an extra-curricular activity.

During school holidays the session is run as a standalone holiday activity.



Bikeability is the 21st Century Cycle Proficiency.

Every Bikeability course is risk assessed and route checks are carried out. High visibility vests are worn and loan bikes and safety helmets are available for those who don’t have their own. Certificates are awarded when passing each part of the course.

Level 1 is a playground based training course, after which children progress to Level 2, on-the-road training,
Level 2 includes starting and stopping, junctions and safe riding positions. It teaches children to be confident and assertive in light traffic situations, such as the journey to and from school. Both Level 1 and 2 courses are delivered during term time in schools.
Level 3 is aimed at cyclists who may need to navigate heavier traffic such as town centre, roundabouts and multiple carriageways. We deliver this training as part of corporate events to adults who cycle to work and to teams who use a bicycle for their work duties.
Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride sessions take place during school holidays and provide a one hour time slot in which coaches offer one-to-one support to children aged 6 years and older. Sessions aim to develop cycle skills and confidence with the view of children being able to ride independently and unassisted off road.

We also offer cycle courses to local businesses

Throughout the six weeks we’ve seen a big improvement that’s crossed back over into the classroom, with the children able to see spaces and use spatial awareness much better.

Helen Stanley, Healing Primary School

Please pass on my thanks to you and your lads for a fabulous Bikeability. The kids really enjoyed themselves and have been buzzing for everyone who passed.

Amy, St Mary's Catholic School

The kids really enjoy their cycling sessions. They’re great for balance, as well as core muscle and motor skills, which are really important at this early age.

Mrs Dawson, Coomb Briggs, Immingham

Sports Development

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