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For anyone that is unsure, just come. It’s not just a place for the young, active and mobile. There are varying ages and sizes – it’s for everyone. You’ll be surprised how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I’ve been blown away – it’s so much more than a leisure centre!

I initially started on a short six-week programme. But I enjoyed it that much that I’ve been doing it ever since! Once I started, I knew I was getting myself better and I kept it going.

Harry - Exercising for Mental Health

I remember being asked…‘what is your happy place?’, and I said, ‘the toning suite’ – as the Wellness Hub was then called.

Michelle Mussell Wellness Hub

Active Forever makes exercise affordable, which is a big issue in this current climate. I wanted to exercise and swim for my own wellbeing. The sauna and steam room included are additional perks.

Julie McDonald Active Forever
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