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Overall the biggest impact the course this has had is not only on my weight, the inches lost or how I see food but my mental health. I’ve gone from being very pessimistic feeling defeated, miserable, having low self esteem and no confidence to now being very optimistic fully motivated, more confident and bursting with energy and finally feeling confident in my own body. My family and friends are amazed at my transformation and say I’m completely different person to who I was when I stepped through the door 12 weeks ago. This course has been a lifesaver for me and I’m now fully embracing and enjoying the new healthy lifestyle change & can’t wait too see what the future holds.

Just a quick thanks for everything you’ve done for Steve and myself. You have given us the knowledge & motivation we were both desperate for, for starting our healthier lifestyle. We both have health problems and basically wrote ourselves off, but by doing the weight management course with you, & the support & advice you’ve given us has given us the boost of “we can do it confidence” that we both needed.

Thank you so much for the classes, I have really enjoyed them, been inspired, and they have encouraged me to look before I eat!

I’m proud of staying for the full course and changing my way of thinking about food and exercise. My clothes now fit better.

The course has made me think before eating – am I hungry? And portion sizes are so important!

I feel much more positive and optimistic and that’s thanks to the course leader’s positive energy and non-judgmental character. Many Thanks.

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